What is
Walking is Good?

A Global movement that encourages walking, combat sedentary lifestyle and promotes healthy living and walkable cities.


We need
more active cities

Physical inactivity is a serious problem to the economy at a national level, but it is most acute in cities.
The good news is that there is a solution.
We create unique, different, and original formats to motivate citizens and to convince cities’ mayors.


Walking is Good Actions


We have created signs in which distances are measured in kilocalories. City signs indicating the most representative and emblematic points, displaying destinations and healthy tips.


We have created the solidarity Walkathon "Exchange calories".
A Walkathon with its circuit be measured in calories. Once estimated the equivalent of all the calories consumed by the participants, that same amount will be donated in food to NGOs.


We have created walkable
city tours.

Circuits are created in the touristic areas of the city and areas that are used for sports. These routes can be found in outdoor elements or online.


We create special prescriptions with physicians to prescribe walking and thus encourage physical activity and having more healthy citizens.

  • We must raise awareness among the inhabitants of the cities that walking is good!

    And that the benefits of walking are many and varied.

  • How to make the world move more? More advertising campaigns?
    More reports of organizations?

    More education in schools? Yes, of course...”

  • BUT for concrete and definitive results, all citizens must feel every day and at all times that the benefits of walking are within the reach of everyone. Walking more is healthy.

    And it should be fun, a challenge, a goal, in a city that invites to walk.

Organizations and businesses that support us

Build a healthier world is everyone's responsibility

TODAY is time to prove to the world that we can improve lives of people.
Every day, more companies, brands and organizations support the WalkingisGood movement to combat sedentary lifestyle and promote healthy living.

"Sedentary lifestyle is a global epidemic"

Physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality (420 million per year).
World Health Organization


Few people know that walking has many health benefits and is one of the best preventive therapies for people of all ages.


Move more! Start to move right now!. People who are sedentary and begin to make physical activity regularly, quickly get benefits similar to those that have always been active.


According to studies by the American Heart Association, Every $1 spent on building biking trails and walking paths could save approximately $3 in medical expenses.


Overweight and its associated diseases are preventable with regular physical activity: 60 minutes a day for young people and 150 minutes per week for adults (WHO)
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